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Every New Xbox Series X Game told at Inside Xbox

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

New Xbox Series X games

Xbox has shown 13 new games from third-party developers coming to Xbox Series X I have seen a mix of cross-gen releases, upcoming massive-hitters, and announcements all new. Many of these games are also included in Microsoft's Smart Distribution system, meaning people owning them on Xbox One can get a free Xbox Series X copy, and vice versa.

Microsoft plans to show more upcoming Xbox Series X games throughout the year as part of its Xbox 20/20 campaign, but for now I have collected every game from the May 7 reveal in the list below, complete with their projected release date and eligibility for Smart Delivery.

Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory is a hybrid of already available FPS and action combat games on Steam, released as a first episode of a broader game. Bright Memory Infinity is the complete game, mixing conventional shooting in a mystery-wracked futuristic environment with melee combat. You can also drive a car which seems suspiciously like a DeLorean. It's all, incredibly, developed by one man.

Dirt 5

A new game of Dirt! Dirt is a classic Codemasters developer racing game series and we're not shocked to see it making way for next-gen consoles. Wait ahead ... Quick Vehicles? Cruising? I  can't say much more with just a quick look so far, but it's sure to be beautifully made, and have the smooth drifting that we can expect from a next-gen console and Xbox Series X controller.

Call of the Sea

The latest from publisher Raw Fury, Call of the Sea is a first-person puzzle adventure featuring Norah, a woman in the 1930s looking for her lost husband on an island in the South Pacific. It's retro then in more ways than one, but it looks great, and it's good to see an interesting Xbox stage puzzle game on.


Scorn is the nasty good kind. It's a game of horror for the first person set in a horrific universe of flesh and decay filled with increasingly revolting and deadly monstrosities. With light RPG elements, first-person fighting, and a focus on exploration and puzzle-solving, Scorn challenges players to tackle the worst that their world can offer. And judging by its new trailer, it has plenty to sell.


Chorus is a space combat shooter with a difference which adds story to the usual mix of aerial acrobatics and precision shooting of the genre. You are playing the possessed Nara, piloting Forsaken, her sentient starfighter, on a quest to destroy the cult that created her. Chorus arrives in the year 2021.

Scarlet Nexus 

Scarlet Nexus is a new game from Bandai Namco featuring psychokinetic soldier Yuito Sumeragi, who is trying to uncover a dastardly no-dubt plot in New Himuka's so-called "brain punk" area. It sounds like GTA meets Psychonauts, which actually sounds pretty cool.

Madden NFL 21

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